Practice Center Reveal: 90% Complete

I spent the weekend – Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon – priming and painting the inside of our garage, aka “The Center.” We chose to paint it ultra bright white to keep the space as bright as possible. It makes all the difference in the world. We are going to need the facility considering the states of our games. I am either hitting everything fine, or smothering my irons with a shut club face and hitting two inches behind the ball. Yesterday resulted in a birdie, a whole bunch of pars, three doubles and a triple all because of the aforementioned problem.

This week we will be installing two sections of 4′ x 8′ Pro Slat slat wall to hang all of our landscaping tools, ladders, auto parts and accessories, etc. and we play to hang four bikes from the ceiling to save floor space. Over time Will and I will paint logos on the walls and ceiling. Right now we are thinking of adding these:

Masters Nike NU Oregon Under Armour

Enjoy the pics and video.

Will in The Center

Will in The Center

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3 Responses to Practice Center Reveal: 90% Complete

  1. Sanj says:

    Awesome!! Congratulations on the results of a lot of love and labor. Enjoy!

  2. Ea says:

    Sooooolid. Looking profresh.

  3. EJ Altobello says:

    need some summer updates.
    Center additions/wall paintings??
    state of your game??
    travel plans??
    PGA update??
    new gear??

    Keep this blog rolling son

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