About the Word of Golf

I love the game of golf.  My love grew into a passion starting with my trip to Bandon Dunes in 2007.  My passion for golf now borders on an addiction.  Playing and watching golf are no longer enough, so blogging, traveling, and playing more must fill the void especially in the winter months.  I spend a tremendous amount of time every year planning trips, researching equipment, watching tournaments, playing rounds with friends and family, and then I try to recount everything in sporadic emails that I send to all of you.  Enough is enough.  I finally took advice from my Myrtle Beach boys Lamay and Eggy and I decided to launch this blog.

The Word of Golf will serve as a place to capture all of my golfing experiences, thoughts, ideas, findings, etc. and house all of them in a central repository.  I would love for this site to evolve into a place to share ideas, but at the very least I will be pleased if I maintain this blog as my personal golf journal.

Let me know what you think…often!